About us

Welcome to our small business adventure, we are The Tiny Paint box. 

Everything you see here is hand painted to order by me (Ash), and my mum (Sam). Based in Gloucestershire, we have always had arty backgrounds and passions. Mum has been creating these quirky little gifts for years now. But we officially become a business in 2020, Surprisingly the pandemic gave us the most amazing opportunity. The business really started to come alive in summer 2020, were I left my job and we threw our all into this.
Now to have this website and all of our amazing customers, really is making our little hobby and dreams come true. Both of us absolutely love to make these unique orders for you. And thank everyone who supports us from the bottom of our hearts. 

Our social inbox’s and number is always available for inquiries. We love to chat.
Thank you, and be kind.
Ash and Sam, the tiny paint boxers x